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Natures Fruit Company has a rich history spanning more than 30 years. Established to quench a growing need for a cooperative packing and marketing service that gave growers more time and money to, do what they do best, growing quality fruit. Natures Fruit Company is today one of Australia’s most recognised grower owned groups.



In 1988 a small group of growers in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland recognised a growing need for a packing service that gave producers more time and money to invest in production.

Sunshine Coast Fruit Marketing Co-operative Ltd was established and operated to maximise grower returns. The Natures Reserve trademark and the brand’s iconic pink box soon became synonymous with the highest quality avocados in the marketplace.

By assembling large volumes of fruit and powering sales with superior marketing, the cooperative had 70 grower members by 1997, giving each a stronger market presence and access into major chain stores.

In early 2002, the cooperative members voted to change the corporate structure of the organisation to that of an unlisted public company, preserving the same principles of mutuality as the co-operative it replaced. The new entity was incorporated as The Fruit Company Limited, with the new trading name, Natures Fruit Company borrowing eminence from the company’s esteemed flagship brand, Natures Reserve.

Today, Natures Fruit Company has more than 380 shareholders, the market’s strongest buyer relationships, and is renowned for giving growers the total confidence required to focus on their businesses while reaping the benefits of ownership in this growing Australian company.

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