Own Our Company, Share Our Profits

Natures Fruit Company gives growers a level of dedication that cannot be matched, including a range of services that no other packing and marketing firm offers. Not just a partner in your business, Natures Fruit Company offers growers ownership in the company, in addition to consistently higher returns and prompt, secure payment.


Services you can bank on

During harvest Natures Fruit Company are available after business hours to help growers get the job done with a strong commitment to the best possible result.

Services you can bank on:

  • Packout Summary Reports within 48 business hours of packing fruit
  • Weekly price estimates within 3 working days of the end of the pool week
  • Payment within 4 weeks
  • Operating surpluses are rebated to growers or retained for further company growth
  • Support through provision of grower information days


“Being with Natures Fruit Company is like having money in the bank. You know the job will get done and done well.”

– Norm Pringle, Avocado Grower (Glass House Mountains), more than 13 years as shareholder