Since our beginning we have tackled mixed fortunes associated with the land.

Regretably, the past does not prepare you for the uncertainty of the future … though there is one
time-proven overarchng factor that powers the
success of Natures … OUR PEOPLE

The power
our success

The business is not an insensitive machine but a dedicated loyal group of individuals whether they be from the packing floor, management or members of the Board, working hard in the interests of the grower. And the business relies heavily on our grower members for loyalty to the cooperative model.


Our growers are our sustaining resource.
By supplying fruit they not only allow the company to generate revenue, they own the company, they contribute to company policy and direction matters, and are rewarded by sharing in operating surpluses.

Management Team

Our Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the business and accountable for achieving performance outcomes. With a firm belief in applying cost efficiencies wherever practical, our team is modest, focused on meeting growers’ needs first and foremost. Our Management Team is …

Paul Griffin

General Manager
Troy Pic

Troy Dwyer

Operations Manager

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for policy and direction of the company. It is guided by a Board Charter in all its undertakings and has statutory and corporate governance obligations. While the Board meets on a monthly basis, each director is available for contact throughout the year.
Our Board of Directors is …
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