Value added products such as Avocado Oil

Value Added Products

Natures Fruit Company is consistently working to add value wherever possible to improve our grower’s bottom line.  In 2008, we released our ‘Natures Reserve’ premium avocado oil.  The oil is cold pressed to ensure maximum retention of the nutrients and antioxidents that avocados are recognised for.





More about Value Added Products

While providing our customers with another avenue to get their daily fix of avocados through using this premium oil, it also ensures our growers have a viable alternative for their lower grade processing fruit ensuring a higher level of return on their production. Avocado oil is well known for its high smoke point, so is an excellent alternative to other oils for cooking.  Natures Reserve Avocado Oil is a wonderful accompaniment as a dressing to salads and in aioli giving that light nutty flavour to every dish.  The lovely light green colour of the oil lifts every dish and ensures that when you ‘plate up’ it is to a master chef standard.

Natures Fruit Company is hard at work developing a range of convenient avocado products, and we look forward to tempting your taste buds soon.

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