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The Glyphosate Debate

Given the media coverage over the claimed carcinogenic risks associated with glyphosate-based herbicides, it may be of some interest if we pulled together background information on events, facts and claims on the subject that perhaps have been overlooked by the media. Our account is not intended to offer opinion nor arrive at conclusions but rather to collect relative content in order that we might be more informed on the subject and better able to make sound judgment.

The Branding Conundrum

Almost all consumer product categories are composed of products that are distinguished by branding. Whether it be fast food outlets, motor vehicles, groceries, fashion items or airlines, we unwittingly associate with brands. Here, we consider the benefits marketers derive from branding and ask why the concept is not more widely adopted in the fresh produce sector.

How Healthy Are Your Roots?

This topic has been mentioned many times but it is the single most important factor growers need to address in order to achieve a viable avocado orchard.

The Co-operative Business Model

For years there have been diverse opinions expressed on the merits of the Co-operative Business Model. Many of those opinions, one might say, are biased one way or another, or simply academic, and so all too often readily dismissed by detractors. So persuasive is the argument in favour of co-operatives, we believe, that we should revisit the topic and put the case to closer scrutiny. So with some digging we hopefully have more clarity and a compelling case in favour of the Co-operative Business Model.